3-Hour Adventure with Hippo Submarine in Vlicha, Lindos and Navarone Bay

It’s on! The Hippo Submarine is here with an exciting new tour around majestic, cosmopolitan and unique Lindos! This brand new ride, will introduce you to the area and will allow you to admire the beauty of this ancient city for 165 minutes!

Hippo Classic Ride with Swim

Second year in a row and we just can’t get enough of this tour! Depending on the season, you will meet us either at the Pallas Main Lindos beach or St. Paul’s Bay. Prepare your selves for an adventure in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea for two whole hours!

Explore Lindos Aboard The Hippo Submarine

Come aboard the Hippo Submarine and let us introduce you to Lindos and all its beauties! This is your chance to take a quick glance at the area and get tips to plan your venturing out. We promise not to skip any tips or insiders info in this single-hour trip!