Hippo Classic Ride with Swim

Second year in a row and we just can’t get enough of this tour! Depending on the season, you will meet us either at the Pallas Beach dock or St. Paul’s Bay dock. Prepare your selves for an adventure in the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea!


Pallas Beach dock

Departure / Arrival Times

1st Tour 10:00 - 12:00, 2nd Tour 13:00 - 15:00

Ride Duration

120 Minutes

Ride Stops

 Lindos Acropolis

 St. Paul

 Lion's Head Cove

 Fish-Feeding Navarone Bay

 Swimming Navarone Bay

What To Bring

 Sun glasses

 Swim Suit (you’ll regret it if you don’t)

 Sun cream

 Mask and snorkel (if you feel like it!)




Total People


What to expect

What to expect: We will ride the Hippo Submarine to pass right below the ancient and jaw-dropping Acropolis of Lindos and tell you all about its history and characteristics. On our way to St. Paul’s Bay, we will explain why this church is so popular and will make a spin to take you to a cove uniquely experienced, only while riding the Hippo Submarine.

You will have the opportunity to feel as if you can almost touch the underwater reef from the spacious and air conditioned underwater deck of the vessel. The pics you shoot there, are bound to be unique all over the island due to the ability of passengers to sit on a deck 5 feet under sea level!! And don’t be alarmed, the huge portholes will make you feel as if you are watching Discovery Channel from your living room couch!

The fish will await our arrival in our following stop and will rush to snatch the food we will throw in the water. These guys are quick, so make sure you have your phones at-the-ready. Finally, it is time for what has been quoted by our guests as “the realization of beauty”! Entering Navarone’s Bay, you are in for a treat. The green, Caribbean-looking waters of the bay will embrace the submarine as we are smoothly moving to the spot where everyone jumps in the water and doesn’t want to come back on deck! Ah, it is those moments that last.


(Above 14 years old)
€ 25.00
(3-13 years old)
€ 15.00
(2-13 years old)
€ 15.00
(Above 14 years old)
€ 25.00