Explore Lindos Aboard The Hippo Submarine

Starting from the Saint Paul's Bay, we will ride the Hippo Submarine for 2 hours and will pass right below the ancient and jaw-dropping Acropolis of Lindos, Lindos beach, Navarone's Bay and will swim too! Operating Every Day
Tickets: Adults (Above 14 years old) : 29€ / Kids (3-13 years old): 19€

Special Discounts

Book tickets for more than 6 passengers and get a 12% off

Book tickets for more than 9 passengers and get a 14% off


Book tickets for more than 6 passengers
& get a 12% off

Book tickets for more than 9 passengers
& get a 14% off


St. Paul's Bay

Departure / Arrival Time

16:40 - 18:40

Ride Duration

120 Minutes

Ride Stops


 Kleovoulo's Tomb

 Lindos Beach

 Lion Head Cove

 Fish-Feeding Navarone Bay

 Swimming Navarone Bay

What To Bring

 Sun glasses

 Sun cream



Total People


What to expect

What to expect: Come aboard the Hippo Submarine and let us introduce you to Lindos and all its beauties! This is your chance to take a quick glance at the area and get tips to plan your venturing out. We promise not to skip any tips or insiders info in this single-hour trip!

Meet us at the dock of St. Paul’s Bay. You will board our spacious submarine and we will show you around the submerged deck of the vessel where, you may relax in A/C, listen to music and look at the seabed right next to you; through the huge port holes. While leaving the bay, you will observe the deep blue waters and feel surrounded by serenity. Heading to the first stop, the Tomb of Kleovoulos, we will tell you all about a significant ancient Greek Philosopher who preached that “Keeping a balance is the key to happiness in life”.

Fish-Feeding will follow and you will see sea bream, sea bass and many other friends of ours greeting you while they quickly bite on the sea food we throw at them. You can help out too if you like!

On our way back, we will slide through the main beach of Lindos, popular and boasting with activities and people. You can start making plans of how you would like to spend the following days in the area. The last shot for this trip should definitely be a selfie with the Acropolis in the background as it overlooks the entire bay and our Hippo Submarine.

Welcome to Lindos!