3-Hour Adventure with Hippo Submarine in Vlicha, Lindos and Navarone Bay

It’s on! The Hippo Submarine is here with an exciting new tour around majestic, cosmopolitan and unique Lindos! This brand new ride, will introduce you to the area and will allow you to admire the beauty of this ancient city for 180 minutes!

Tickets: Adults (Above 14 years old) : 29€ / Kids (3-13 years old): 19€


Vlycha Beach

Departure / Arrival Times

9:30 - 12:30

Ride Duration

180 Minutes

Ride Stops

 Kleovoulo's TombLindos Beach

 Lindos Beach


 St. Pauls

 Lion Head Cove

 Fish-Feeding Navarone Bay

 Swimming Navarone Bay

What To Bring

 Sun glasses

 Sun cream

 Bathing Suit



Total People


What to expect

What to expect: You will board The Hippo Submarine from the Vlicha Beach dock; Yes we have created our own Hippo Submarine dock there, just for you! While departing the serene shore, we are going to sail away into the deeper sandy waters and will invite you to explore the seabed while we are on the move. Worry not! No one is jumping overboard! You will only need to access our second deck which is found four feet underwater! Here, you will relax in the air conditioned chamber, listen to music, make use of our free Wi-Fi and take endless photos from the huge portholes of the submarine.

Don’t stay down there for too long as we are soon going to approach Kleovoulos’ Tomb. This is where we will share with you the story of our beloved ancient Greek philosopher and poet – Kleovoulos while floating near his last residence.
Next stop is Lindos Beach. We will get you as close as it gets to show you a unique angle of this white-washed little town that once used to be among the naval super powers of the Aegean sea. The ancient Acropolis is just around the corner and you will be able to admire it from sea-level.

Get ready for another exciting stop, a quick drive-by Saint Paul’s Bay. That’s right; only the most famous church on the island! We are about to tell you why it is so famous and hosts more than 300 weddings every year!

You better get a good seat inside the underwater deck for the next stop as you are about to get a close up view of our local reef at the Lion’s Head Cove.

Stay there as in a few minutes, we are going to tie the nose of the submarine and will invite everyone to get close to our underwater portholes. It is Fish-Feeding time! Observe all the marine creatures gathering around as we tell you more about our local sea life.

Long awaited, and yet worth every minute of anticipation, a Swim in Navarone’s Bay. As we are entering the bay, look at the crystal clear waters and Jump In! It is time for some fun!


(Above 14 years old)
(3-13 years old)