Explore Lindos Coasts and Bays

The Submarine – Some details, Control Surfaces and the like…

Lindos Bay

The magnificent Lindos Bay is full of activities, fun, and perfect to lounge and work on your suntan! Right at the water edge of the town of Lindos, this is where you will first try the seaside taverns and cafes. Not to be missed!

Saint Paul’s Bay
(Agios Pavlos Beach)

This is where it is said that Apostle Paul (Pavlos) himself ended up after a terrible storm and settled in 51 AD. His mission was to preach Christianity and hence the tiny church in the bay. This idyllic location is full of life and hundreds of couples choose it every year to hold their wedding or baptism. Once you enter the bay and see the deep waters as well as the reflection of the sun rays, you will be able to tell why this is a must-do.

Lion Head Cove

Get your cameras ready and quickly go to the deck bellow water surface to capture what we call “our local reef”! Here, you will observe how close we get to the rocks and with our captain’s gracious moves, we steer around the cove and smoothly exit. Check out the lion’s head looking towards Africa on your left hand-side!


Kleovoulos’ Tomb

One of the Seven Sages of Ancient Greece, a philosopher and a poet, Kleovoulos (Cleobulus) was a local! He adored the ancient city of Lindos and preached that the quality in living stems from having a measure in all (“Pan Metron Ariston”). Some of his teachings remain until today:

"Be fond of hearing rather than of talking."
"Be superior to pleasure."
"Avoid injustice."
"Do nothing by force."
"Moderation is the best thing."


Fish Feeding

They will come to us and will surround our Hippo Submarine! They know it is lunch time every time our submarine approaches so, from the comfort of the below-the-water deck, get your phones out and take amazing shots! Log in to our free WiFi to upload a story on your social media and show your friends an amazing moment under the sea!